Take Action

Do you know the feeling after you listen to a motivational podcast, watch an inspiring youtube video or read something that stirs you up? You instantly want to do better, start going to the gym, start reading a book, start taking your goals seriously. But after a couple of days, life happens and everything falls apart.  In no time, you’ve totally forgotten everything you planned to do. 

  Don’t worry you’re not alone, I basically just described myself.
   So last two weeks in my last blog post ( you should really go back and read it if you haven’t )I wrote about focusing on yourself, setting boundaries, doing what you love and learning who I am . I promise you, all it took for me to get distracted was a text message. And I started to down spiral back to my old ways, what made it funny was that I kept on convincing myself that I was alright and I knew what I doing. However, I did not. I only ended up people pleasing, stressed, moody, emotionally exhausted and confused.
  I finally took a drastic step and did took a major break from a lot of things. Some of the actions i took might seem a bit extreme to other people but a girl had to do what a girl had to do. However, I’m happy I continued the way I did, because I know i can be quite naive sometimes. 
So, I did take action finally and it paid off.
       Here are some practical steps I took:

1) Take a leap of faith: if there is a situation or a thing you have been procrastinating on take a leap of faith to start moving. This means just getting up and paying for the gym, writing a sentence for your essay, creating an account for your passion, unfollowing, blocking  or restricting anything that’s stopping you from doing the right things.

2) Create space for yourself : I always love seeing others happy but never put peoples happiness at the expense  of yours. Have your personal time where you reflect and think about your goals or anything new you want to try.

3) Create accountability or a support system: Everyone gets demotivated thats why we read or listen to things to get us motivated again. Get someone who you can be accountable to, not just anyone, some you trust like family or a person you know is working towards the same goals as you. so you can stay motivated.

You can read my blog, listen to motivational speakers but that’s not going to change till you get control and take action. If it means deleting social media, do it , if you need to pay for a work out plan, do it. if you need to get a tutor , do it . if you need to go all out on an apology, do it.  Do it now cause time goes by so quickly. it will not be a smooth journey but start now.

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