Silence can be powerful.

Ever wondered what to do or even say when your friend is sad and it seems like the problem is impossible to understand or you’re unable to make sense out of their words to come up with a suitable response?

Your attempts to make them laugh a little or distract them from the problems are in vain?

I experienced that again this week and I finally learnt how to stop talking and just listen.

Everyone that knows me would tell you that I love to talk, talk about nothing and talk about everything. Once I get comfortable, it’s like my mouth is a gushing fountain of words.

But here’s the truth , when dealing with friendships or relationship of any sort, we have to learn that sometimes our loved ones don’t require us to speak mindlessly in a bid to comfort them, all they might need is our quiet prescience, to sit in silence, maybe hold their hands, a slight occasional rub or pat on the back might be all they need to feel better again.

So next time you’re trying to make someone feel better, and nothing seems to work, learn to “SHHHH “ and allow your presence to do all the talking.

I hope you’ve all had an awesome week, and if you haven’t, I’m sending my love to you & reminding you that you’ll be alright in due time so keep your head up.

See you soon loves!

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2 thoughts on “SHHHH

  1. I’ve learnt to say nothing priscely sometimes n just listen , this post is just a reminder . More inspiration boo. ♥♥♡♥


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