Is love what we think it is?

Why do you look for love outside when there’s really no one that can love you as much as you love yourself?

Why do you say ‘I love you’ when you can’t even love yourself?

Love is very complicated, when my parents told me, I took it as a cliché old-school parent advise, but in the end, turns out they were so damn right.

You love at a young age and then when you grow up you realize that’s not love, some get heartbroken so early in their life that they become so terrified to face the world.

If I had a bottle that contained love, I would put a tag on it that says ‘harmful substance keep out of reach of children’. Everyone falls in love, you don’t have to do anything to fall in love. But not everyone stays in love because they don’t know how or they simply can’t stay in love because it can be very exhausting, you have to continue to fall in love to be able to stay in love.

The way to really love anyone is to understand that your problems are not the biggest, be selfless, think about the stranger next to you because like you, he has a story to tell, problems to solve. Don’t be too quick to love and don’t be too quick to hate also….it’s a balance. Don’t love someone because you feel good around them, that’s feigned love. Love because you can feel what they feel…in that way you would understand the reasons why they do what they do.


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