Sadness is just a mindset.

The question then arises that if sadness isn’t a substance, then why can it be shared?

Sadness is a mindset, very much like happiness and anger it’s a choice. For this reason it can be shared. We humans can influence each other’s thoughts, causing us to change our mindsets. I’m talking about sadness specifically because it was one of my greatest challeng thankfully it isn’t the greatest any longer. If you are reading this because you have constant battles with sadness and emotional depression, overcoming it is quite easy. Like a popular law in physics states: To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Black-white, good-bad, rich-poor, front-back, up-down….

There is a pattern in life, so to be great in this double faced life, you must see things with an ambivalent mind. We have two eyes for a reason, approaching life like a cyclops (with one eye) would make life seem meaningless to you. When you’re down, because you can’t see the pattern in life you would think that you can never be up because you simply can’t imagine there is an opposite of down somewhere called up. Then you begin to think you’ll be down permanently and as you think in your heart, so are you. Looking at life from this ambivalent perspective helps you to know and believe that your now is not your forever, when you’re down you would have hope and work towards getting up(optimism).


6 thoughts on “Sadness is just a mindset.

  1. Very well said. Sadness comes mostly pertaining to situation that seems constant but the very moment one can with hold the depressing situation and see better things out you become happy amidst that challenging situation. Great post Favour 💆🙋

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  2. This makes a ton of sense, and it’s even harder to understand this because we live in a time that seems to expects you to be and especially look like you’re enjoying life all the time.


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