How I found My voice .. (part1)

About three year ago I suffered from depression but at the time I failed to understand what it was and the exact cause of it. I came across a certain book called Eat, pray, love and tbh it’s really changed my life.

I related so much to the story the woman was telling and I felt so inclined to her experience and her spiritual journey so much so that it eventually triggered mine.

I first of all went on a journey to get closer to God himself my creator and source of all good things and through him I found myself.

Most of my life until quite recently I have been bullied and I have been discriminated against and because of that it left me with no voice. I had no opinion or view on anything in life including myself.

I stared exploring myself and finding out what I was really about and what made me happy. I found out quite a lot about myself and only then my voice began.

~written by Senalo Twaise

Read more next week Time 😉

On Finding my voice: this is Senalo Twaise you can follow her on Twitter @SenaloTwaise



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