Don’t hide you PART TWO

This is her explanation of the poem in part one

First stanza tells of how evident a subject’s presence is when it is in arrival or in a certain area. The subject is further likened to train and the obvious awareness created that’s created when a train is as far as a100km away from an individual. But suddenly that presence is gone/not felt referring to the poem. It disperses into thin air and can’t be seen, felt or heard. Liken the train to yourself when you are present in a place and what is evident when you’re in a place. Compare it to when you choose to hide or keep your nature in cos of circumstances.

Stanza two (Please check above) the poet goes further to describe how much emptiness/grief that’s felt when that presence (nature in this case) is lost or absent. Don’t you know your true self/nature has a great effect on another it could be a source of strength, gleam of light or hope to a friend/ family/someone? The poet says “His eyes are glued to the sky” Hoping for a glimpse of tiny spark of little hope which builds a mansion of hope. Don’t try to suppress that you in you or oppress another person’s true self/nature (Doesnt mean you should give advice to someone’s bad character).

Stanza three: Tells of how the poet beckons on the subject’s presence not in full but “just a wink and not in a shower”. What are you hiding or trying to suppress that could mean a lot to you and affect the world as a whole. Use yourself as the subjects in the poem- When you begin to shy/run away from yourself then you begin to see life in/on a different view. Life could be misunderstood, violent, intolerable or unfair (life isn’t fair though) and therefore your actions to people around you become unreadable, rude or annoying. Imagine an individual who has a great voice and is aware and decides to suppress it and there comes a day he/she lets this voice out-Picture the awe and surprise you’ll be in. That is you when you keep your true self inside. Recognize your flaws, your greatness, that character in you that has an effect on life, your life and people’s life and try your best to use it positively. As much as you owe yourself a duty to keeping your sanity you don’t know what act you’ll act on that means a lot to the door neighbour. Remember when your presence is not felt in a place when you’re absent it means it was never

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