Don’t hide you …part1

Nature shouldn’t be hidden; Show it.

It took me a while to understand who I was. I understood with time that I was brave, talkative, happy and argumentative child. Everyone has a great/flaw character but what matters the most is how you use it and how it reflects. It can be an in-born/ inherited character or gotten as a result of habit (comes wrong most times). Call it whatever I call it nature. I’ve got a poem written by a friend which should help you understand my view of yourself. I hope you get the message out of my basic interpretations while reading.


Your presence crowded

The night like a train

Arriving in the station

But tonight

You had disappointed

From the sky

Here I am waiting

With eyes glued to the sky

Hoping for a glimpse

A spark, tiny little light

This built a mansion of hope

Just a wink

Will do the trick

Don’t need a shower

Of your presence maybe

I deserve it not

All I need is a little bit of you

Poet: Kay’

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