“So I started high school, it took some time but I found a group of friends and some were really close ones.

There was this guy and we soon became best friends, we were always together we were pretty much always gossiping, laughing and helping each other with everything. We were like this for several months. But It then came to this time where I needed space for myself, so I became a little detached.

He wasn’t really happy about it, I guess I should’ve explained to him but I thought we both knew it was a phase. He started to become detached too.

This coldness developed and soon we hated each other. I got angry with him when he went over to a girl’s house, my friend. He stole her Instagram password as a ‘joke’ . He shared the password with all his friends and they would use her account to do everything and it was awful, they were destroying her life and you understand? …it was just wrong.
The girl was unaware but I could see she was confused and not happy, so after a month I told her. And they were so mad at me, since he was the leader of the friend group, everyone started hating me too.

It was so incredible how his opinion was influencing everyone, he even got the girl’s best friend on his side and she started hiding from her. I got pissed and that’s why I told her, because that’s what real friends do.

I finally arrived at a point where I was being bullied. They were all my friends and they hated me for telling the my friend, saying I couldn’t keep my mouth shut but it had been a whole month, where they bullied this girl on her Instagram. I soon was the one being bullied and I had no friends except one, I even stopped coming to school for sometime, they bullied me for a whole month. It was a horrible month.

My friend ‘Martina’ my only friend knew that this thing was becoming worse day by day. she kept telling me to get help after refusing, when it became too much, finally accepted it .

The boy got expelled and I was so shocked to see how all his friends just pretended it was only his fault. They all started coming to apologize, and it was like it never happened. They were all my friends before they switched on me to stay popular, but I’m happy I could forgive them.

I will never forget the lessons I learnt. I might just be a girl from Turin, Italy, but I knew these doctor prescriptions will help anyone from anywhere. I’m really happy that I can let it all out….”

~Written by Elisa

Doctor prescriptions by Elisa:

1. Don’t be panic If everyone hates you, because it’s just temporary and trust me it will all be reduced to nothing. Just keep doing what makes you happy, and trust me family matters.

2. It’s hard to be the honest but trust me don’t be weak , I realize how much I was preyed on because of my weakness. I know to stay strong now, your courage can make them admire you.

3. Lastly pick your friends carefully and know the ‘weak’ people that need approval of the ‘popular kids’. Don’t avoid them be nice cause we can all be like that sometimes. Plus you can learn a lot from them. ~~My name is Elisa

4 thoughts on “Friends?

  1. Great story Elisa!!!!! Really so many people……teenagers I think need this….. Some persons face emotional bullying from their very own friends….. Please run😂😂 if you’ve got any bullying friends if possible tell an elder person twill do a lot…..-Great story! Great blog!!!

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  2. I really do like happy endings, sadly many people don’t get that, rather prolonged tragrdies. Really great testimony Elisa . I believe this would help many out there, just hope it reaches those that need it.
    I must say, yet another phenomenal post. Great blog doc!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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