Month: April 2018

Letting go

Click the play button to watch the video if you can’t view the video, follow this link: . Doctor Prescriptions by Ozzy The best advice that I can give is to talk to friends about it. People that will encourage you to keep moving forward and pray with you is what helped me. Strength…

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How To Follow This Blog!!

It’s very simple and easy, the best way to show support to this blog!! STEP 1: Scroll down to the bottom of the page STEP 2: Click on the subscribe or Follow button STEP 3: Fill in your email address, I promise you won’t get any spam messages, just a notification when I post 💕.…

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“So I started high school, it took some time but I found a group of friends and some were really close ones. There was this guy and we soon became best friends, we were always together we were pretty much always gossiping, laughing and helping each other with everything. We were like this for several…

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