” …..Last year was probably the worst year of my life and I also want to say it was the greatest year, because I realize the challenges I went through was for my growth and without it, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am now.

so let me tell you a little bit of what  happened. I spent most of my time waiting, waiting and waiting.

And as far as I knew it was in God’s will. I’m not usually so faith filled but I can tell you that last year was my most faith filled year and it was also the most challenging year, things were the worst or they seemed to be going wrong. So I applied to about 5 universities in America, I was so positive and you know how these things are, so stressful, but I got it done by all the deadlines.

I was waiting and praying and waiting for the decision date and it was in like March, and i felt like one university was the one for me and I didn’t see my self anywhere else, so I kept praying and hoping.

The decision day came.

I didn’t get to any of the four but there was one more.so I felt like those ones were like just trial and error and that the last one was the one for me. when it finally came I got an email after school by like 4 but I didn’t open it. I waited till the whole house was quiet by like 12.

But when I opened it I was like ah, it such disappointment because I didn’t get in. But I was smart so it didn’t make sense, I didn’t even react at the moment cause I thought that, it was all a joke and they will send another email apologizing and correct the mistake. Some part of me knew it was true cause they don’t make these kind of mistakes, and God definitely doesn’t .

I didn’t understand what was going on, but sometimes you don’t have to understand but just trust the process and have faith in yourself. So, I kept waiting and waiting, and tried to get into anther school but that also didn’t work. By now summer had gone and everyone had gone and I had no solid thing to hold on to and I felt so horrible. School was always something I excelled in, I always took it very seriously. It didn’t make any sense to any one, let alone me.

I kept on praying and I was still trusting, but I felt so stupid but what else could I do……..”

~~ written by Anonymous…..

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