“Alright so basically, yes I have been in a situation where I felt down and I wasn’t myself, with this whole YouTube thing (my YouTube channel JustinUG) and sometimes I tend to get very negative comments which can put me in a very bad situation but then when I realize that being in this situation is going to affect me negatively I know I have to bounce back and look for a way to change that effect and all.

if you’re not careful you can be in that situation everyday of your life, as growth comes it gets worse and most times what I do is that I ask myself if me being in this particular mood or situation has any positive impact on my life or my career, if it doesn’t then I’ll look for a way to bounce back.

Sometimes people surround themselves with negative people and honestly they have got to look for more positive people to be around.”

Doctor Prescriptions:

• Get support

• Do what makes you happy

• Remember that you matter

~~~By JustinUG

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