Finding Your Balance

“Koyinsola you won’t understand”

The amount of times I have said this to my friend, without explaining, is truly amazing. I would later explain to her what happened, and realize that I really had the solution (mostly because I would take a 360 on the advice she gave me).

What if there no one around to explain to? then I would have to say to myself like I would to koyinsola “Fountain you won’t understand” then explain to myself and discover that I had the solution. Except for this being very silly I also noticed that no one can understand you like you like you and also until you explain no one can understand how you feel.

Having someone to talk to is awesome, sometimes I would tell my friends a problem I already have solved, to make them feel involved. Sometimes there’s no one to talk to, we feel too shy or we simply don’t just feel like telling them.

So we would have to be our own best friend or even better we can make Jesus your best friend cause no one understands better.

The best thing about this is that we can let it out, feel free and be honest with ourselves. Not only are we building self confidence, but we are also getting ready for those times in life that we have to stand alone.

Doctor prescriptions:

• Start small : start with the tiny things in life that get you frustrated or just irritated and see how well it goes.

• Grow : little by little take on the harder stuff like a stressful relationship with someone.

• Don’t forget your friends: don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do everything by yourself, ask your friends and family for help and share some burdens with them.

• Go to the doctor prescriptions page in the menu bar.

Finding the balance between handling things by yourself and sharing them with those around you is hard, to start all at once, but starting small and finding the balance is all it takes.

Don’t forget to send me anything you want me to share on this blog, it could be a story, a poem, pictures and advice or even pictures and links. Credit would be given to you or you could be anonymous.

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