Get Out Of Your Own Way

It’s funny to think that you would be your own enemy, but sometimes we really are. Our friends and family always want to help or advice us but it’s up to us to make our own decisions.

I was listening to a song called Get out of your own way by U2. While I sang along i noticed a verse, which said:

Then it made me think of a time where life seemed to be against me and whatever my friends or family did to help never really changed a thing. Then one day on my bed of angry tears, I told myself I was going to solve my problem, but when I really looked at it, I was causing my own problem. My heart finally felt right because I was able to find the thing inside that was stopping me from being happy.

Sometimes we tend to make our problems bigger than they are, or we forget that have a choice in our own happiness.

The main point of this post is to answer this question:

Not just stopping from being happy but from doing the things you love, doing the things that you want to do, building your relationship with God and with the ones you love.

You have to answer this question for yourself. Those in your life can help you but it’s up to you to find out.This is because it’s your life and your fight.

Don’t forget to send me anything you want me to share on this blog, it could be a story, a poem, pictures and advice or even pictures and links. Credit would be given to you or you could be anonymous.

11 thoughts on “Get Out Of Your Own Way

  1. Yeah, you’re right. I often tell people the only person that can change you is you. Whatsoever you want is basically based on what you do. Your happiness might just be based on what you need to recognize in yourself so just try to give yourself a break and understand whats really the issue…… Hey! doc nice article again….. More grace🙌… Keep writing I’ll keep reading.

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  2. So true fountain…there is an extent that a person could be pushed its up to u to make the last and most important step..but what happens when u don’t seem to find the thing inside.?

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  3. sometimes we worry so much about our problems which makes us in turn loose focus on our happiness… all we need to do is focus more on things that’s gives us joy and find peace of mind… thanks for ur inspirational writeups.


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