The Unexpected Friend

Have you just seen someone and knew that they weren’t going to be your friend? Not because you are being picky or even rude, but that unexplained vibe wasn’t just there.

A senior at my high school lacked that unexplained vibe with me and then one night, very close to her sisters graduation in my high school. Life happened and for reasons that I cannot recall I was at school very late at night, I wasn’t meant to be in school at that hour so I sat in the darkness of my class and soon discovered that the same senior was there with me.

With nothing else between us but the emptiness of darkness, we chose to fill it up with deep conversations about topics that concerned us and in that room, that unexplained vibe was created between us.

”Happiness is… when you make new unexpected friends…”

I’m not trying to convince you, that you have no choice in deciding who you call your friends, but life would always present you with an opportunity to make a new friend and it’ll ultimately be up to you to decide if that opportunity is worth taking up or not.

Let’s imagine i decided to ignore the presence of that senior in that room, I would’ve missed out on a meaningful friendship. Sometimes when we want to choose our friends we end up picking the wrong ones when all we need to do is trust that God would ultimately open doors of new friendships that are important for every stage of our lives. The honest truth is that sometimes those we have counted on so much might let us down,and these unexpected set of people will be there to lift you up.

It’s always okay to set boundaries with people but don’t let your boundaries be over bearing, don’t start giving out labels for those you can associate with and those you can’t. Blessings and opportunities come in different forms, so don’t limit your blessings.

Here are some doctor prescriptions:

* Be open with the new, unexpected faces that will come into your life.

* These friends might just come for the moment and disappear, make the moment a happy one to remember.

* This week become someone’s unexpected friend, do something nice for a stranger and watch your joy grow

* Be your unexpected friend and give yourself a complement each day

* I had counted on particular people to help me promote my blog, but it was those unexpected friends that truly were there. Check the menu bar for detailed doctor prescriptions on Friday.

I can’t tell you when these unexpected friends will come into your life. They might come into your life because of a comment on what you posted, asking you for advice on issues or some random life reason. Just like how you would happily open an unexpected gift, be open and happily reply. People are just like gifts, you can never tell how they are from their appearance. Finding unexpected gifts are always the best. Sometimes people are unexpected blessings in disguise.

Feel free to email me with anything you would like to share on this blog!

Photo credit: @nina_yves on instgram



11 thoughts on “The Unexpected Friend

  1. Thanks for this. A lot of people don’t actually realise how important it is to be open to new people or how life changing experiencing a new relationship can be. Keep dishing out this truth, Doctor. xx

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  2. Spot on! Couldn’t have said it better myself, that’s why you’re the doctor.
    I’ve had many an unexpected friend which have turned out to be some of my best.
    Keep up the good work doc, your reach is boundless!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very true!-doc…. Someone once said to me when u recognize one’s happiness you’ll be the most stupid person to become a killjoy or make the individual feel so low…..In this case doc…. Yunno that feel when yu just cant vibe with someone not for any personal reason or any of that sort but you decide to give it a try and get this little bond and you then realize whoa!…(this person is sooo cool and stuff)…… Just in case you’re opportune to read this- Give someone a chance today….. Nice one doc! Keep on writing and I’ll keep reading👌🙌

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