The Void: Dark Corridor


 “Life is no straight or easy corridor along which we travel free and unhampered but a maze of passages, through which we must seek our way…”

  – A.J. Cronin

 At some point in your life, you would walk through a dark corridor. A place where you feel alone and hidden from the rest of the world. Some people can walk out of this corridor quickly, but others get lost.

 When things seem at the best, you could find yourself walking through this corridor by a stray thought or at moments of deep thought.

 The greatest lie told about this corridor is that you have to walk it alone, and there is no one going through, what you feel. In due time you start isolating yourself from others, over-thinking, feeling left out, falling into depression, losing your self-confidence and instead of walking out you end up sitting in the darkness and a void starts to grow.

 The first time I found myself in this dark corridor was in Grade 10. If you ask anyone about me, they would say I was doing fine, I let so many things overwhelm me and I hid my void under a smile. No one could help me because they thought nothing was wrong. I was able to walk out of this corridor when I found someone who felt the same void and we were both able to walk out of our void together.

 It is amazing how having someone to talk to, or even having a person that is going through what you feel can help you grow. These dark corridors and voids will come, sometimes you will feel alone, but with time you will come out faster than before.

Here are the doctor prescriptions:

* If you have left this corridor, help bring someone out from their own void

* If you are leaving this corridor, bring someone out with you

* If you feel like this void is consuming you, make a call, reach out to others.

* When talking with someone you can bring up this conversation, they could have the same feelings as you.

* Discover something that makes you happy, like a hobby.

* If you want direction, the Holy Spirit is a great guide.(for more understanding you should read “How you can be led by the Spirit of God by Kenneth Hagin”)

 Call that person who you feel is acting differently. Don’t wait for their call. Make the first call and genuinely ask how they are doing. Not only are you helping others, you are slowly discovering yourself and inviting happiness back into your life.

photo credit to Nina Yves  …..please check out her Instagram account @nina_yves


24 thoughts on “The Void: Dark Corridor

  1. Very inspiring. Thank you.
    I want to ask what if you can’t find someone around you who understands how you feel or you have talked to someone about how you feel before and the person made you feel worse or couldn’t help. What do you do?

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    1. But really let’s talk , if worse comes to worse and you have to stand alone , I would have to say that you have to stay strong and create your path way out of this void. You can devote your self to your hobby. Or join a club , be part of something, do some volunteer work on your church or those around you . Sometimes this void just comes from over thinking. And I would say discover Jesus , it helped a lot and I was able to stand alone . You very very strong and confident to have made this comment , you will have the best !!!


    2. Also for anyone reading this
      When I mean standing strong, it also means discovering self love, and understanding that this is just temporarily and it would pass away. And things would surely get better. Please to anyone reading this , say hi to me I’ll be extremely happy to talk to you

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  2. This article reminds me of when I was in my “dark corridor”….. It was really hard leaving but somehow I left just because I talked to someone who went through my typical situation…. -Its really nice I got to read this article….. You’ve got a long way to go -author… keep up posting and I’ll keep on reading… much love from this end…. well-done-👌

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  3. This is soo lovely. PS: You have no idea how much you’ve helped me. There were times I tried to leave but I ended up going back maybe became I tried to hard I ended up being overwhelmed and falling back into the same hole. But this is extremely beautiful. You’re now officially my new doctor

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